Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday Roasts

It's the first Sunday this autumn where the roasting heat has kept me from the warmth of my duvet and the boyfriend’s arms. Far too hot for anything other than my Chloe t-shirt and briefs - an outfit that no other can beat in such overwhelming and note, uncommon heat. At twenty-four degrees Celsius, merely a Parisian could bat an eyelid, but this is England and not a single degree past twenty-four have we had this summer. Putting thermal issues aside, no possession or emotion can disguise the excitement I hold for the flat cherry red and opal leather 'sailor style' flats and vintage black lace mantilla online auctions, ending in only a matter of hours. Those evil ten day auctions where you can't help but message the seller every other day begging for a 'Buy It Now' option. My day has finally come and (touching wood) in approximately eight days time I can return to my university dressed in my high waisted minuscule dark indigo shorts, pairing-red and white striped 'sailor bibbed' vest, the flats and the best friends one and only white pin belt to finish the outfit. Fantastic.

Here is a little taster of my thrill:

The lonesome pit in my stomach is reaching its ultimate high. Nando's is calling. Mine and the other half’s three month anniversary meal had best hurry its little arse up or else I may just starve to death. Never have I felt such hunger pains. Extra extra extra extra spicy, "The spiciest you've ever made!" I ask my boyfriend to order without a doubt.We always share a whole chicken, the platter meal for four with lashings of 'Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce' and pitas with humous to start. Nando’s - the only excuse on Earth where eating chicken off the bone is acceptable and tastefully edible in my opinion. Sometimes I feel silly celebrating so little 'official' time together, but since we became an item almost nine months has passed and when you have spent almost every second of the day and bitter evenings in their arms, yes it does feel like a lifetime. Plus there's a Nando’s meal available., if it was my choice I'd be celebrating every second we spend together.