Thursday, 25 September 2008


Is there a possibility that such desire to meet them causes more than sleepless nights and that sore rush through your stomach every time you do anything other than concentrate on the subject in hand. I often find that my mind doesn't just wonder else where, but goes on 'Duke of Edinburgh' style trek through worlds and thoughts that I never even knew existed. A predicament that never seems to return to its dedicated state that I once achieved soon after the deadline was given.

Nothing other than the weekly collection of Look and Grazia magazine caught my eye this time round, oh and that wonderful blog I found last night. The one that has sent me sick at the thought of forgetting I ever even saw the photograph. Luckily my Bookmarks folder was my savior this evening, as the Rag Market / my pay cheque will be on Friday afternoon. I'd much rather relate to it as a 'celebration purchase' rather than just 'another buy' that will bore me by November - a purchase that will stay with me in remembrance that I completed such a tedious task. That wouldn't be approaching if it wasn't for such poor time management.

Let's just pray I meet that awful, two syllable word.