Saturday, 14 March 2009

Liberty Prints

If it's not Topshop bringing out a whole lingerie collection using the classic floral print, it's your duvet being treated some beautifully printed sheets or even GAP's collaboration with the company. Since Facebook began to bore me, I found myself routing through the wonderful and well, not-so-wonderful blogs produced on this site. Before long I came across a site titled She's So Pretty and found myself drawn to a certain skater skirt that seemed to have been hand made by someone with an excellent critic for textile and clearly a savage interest rate in their savings account. It has inspired me to reinvent this skirt myself, I'm thinking every floral liberty possible in the same or a similar style. Pair with a black or sweet pastel shade leotard and an overly sized bow positioned off-centre in your hair (often created from silk or cotton neck scarves).