Monday, 16 March 2009


They come in many forms...

Although those that are often most common are women, well, at least 'girls'.

I am seriously getting pissed off (excuse my French) with the rising popularity of human existence that confuse my utterly annihilated state whilst out, with rudeness and pure hatred. I don't hate you, it doesn't even bother me half the time when pure ignorant insolence takes over your drunken fueled minds and you 'accidentally' spill your drink over me. If my friends cannot bare yours, that does not affect me. So if I stare or 'give you evils' then just get over it, no offence, but you all do it too, but us average, less childish humans get over it. 

As Frank likes to say, 'Alcohol affects your mental and physical ability, it will often exaggerate whatever mood you are in and leave you incapable of a great deal or capable of situations you may not usually be capable of'.

And let's be honest, I'm never in the best of states for anyone to judge my actions. Just don't get in my way. As there you may sit, smiling guiltily as you except my apology - I'm not sorry, I couldn't care less if I'm honest, because your pathetic lies or misconceptions, they are not cared for. I apologise to be the bigger one, to calm situations and to settle what awful chaos you insist on dragging up, irrelevant of its truth.