Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tobi Picks

Best of 2009...

Starting from the top...
1. Insight, What's the Story T-Shirt - $35
2. Insight, Pixel Me Skirt - $72
3. Insight, Sundae Twist Dress - $72
4. Insight, Oh Why Dress - $77
5. See By Chloe, Aboriginal Skirt - $435
6. See By Chloe, Jardin Skirt - $385
7. See By Chloe, Hibiscus Multi Dress - $460
8. Dolce Vita, Rayne Buckle Wedge Heels - $154

Tips: Wear the Insight t-shirt either loose over a simple body-con dress or tucked into a high waisted pair of jeans / denim skirt. As for the Insight 'Sundae' dress, this could look a little 'tacky' if not accessorized or paired well. Dress down with a skinny waisted belt, add a blazer and heels to add sophistication. The same goes for the See By Chloe dress, except I'd recommend hair should be worn down to extenuate the femininity of the dress, putting aside the harsh geometric shapes created at the bust. 

Oh and don't worry, the exchange rate is eventually improving.