Sunday, 22 February 2009

Donyale Luna

"I think it is great. I learned that I like to live. I like to make love, I really do love somebody. I love flowers, I love the sky, I like bright colours and animals. It has shown me unhappy things, that I was stubborn, selfish, unreasonable, mean, that I hurt other people."

The princess, born January 1st 1945 was the first notable African American model and the first girl to grace the covers of our fashion literature. She has appeared in several films, most eminent as the title character in Salome and numerous other films directed and produced by Andy Warhol. Unfortunately before even 'coming of age' she openly expressed her fondness for LSD in an interview - a fondness that rumoured to transcend addiction.

Luna died ten years on of a drug overdose in Rome, Italy.

Image created at TRENDLAND