Friday, 7 August 2009


Within clear evidence thrown forward within the fashion media industry, it is commonly stated the 'horror' and 'absurdity' brought into our every day lives by the likes of Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins. Yet their panache reigns high above those even a size eight in these media collectives. Why is it that a member of the female population pairing a jersey maxi skirt, wedges and a loose silk camisole takes leadership over a larger (note, still excessively slim) character of our attention sporting a fusion as-stylish and individual as the other. I guarantee 98% of the garments presented in these masterful glossy bibles aren't aimed at dressing those exceeding a BMI of 16, yet their consistency in writing such (soon to be proven controverting) articles remains. I wouldn't mind the continuance of stunning attire presented in monthly publications, irrelevant of their acceptance to varying sizes - but the constant articles on BMI, figure and general mass issues expressing the despair and rage for underweight individuals just aren't necessary.