Thursday, 18 December 2008

Topshop Wishlist

Work this studded skirt with your dad's old band t-shirt, rip the sleeves off and cut away at the neckline to create a real 'Alice Dellal' look. This purse is possibly the most versatile piece of sex I have ever desired. It works with vintage, punk, evening wear and perfectly for a first date. As for those dresses that bore only months into Autumn/Winter, snaz them up with this panther belt, it adds a touch of quirkiness to anything and everything. Fed up of pretending you are rock and roll? This ring is all you need to accessorize a hard edge for most outfits - add to evening wear for a sexy twist on punk or pair with your leather jacket for a true Sid Vicious vibe. This beautiful overly, in fact excessively sized quilted bag isn't just a bargain for £45, but will last you through a good 3/4 of 2009, guaranteed. Picture your lunch, your files, weekly gossip columns, your gym kit and the usual 5 tonne of products you take with you on a daily basis - all fitting in to one beastly beauty.

  • Studded Denim Skirt - £45
  • Beaded Bag - £30
  • Gold Pave Ring - £15
  • Suede Panther Belt - £20
  • Large Quilted Leather Tote - £45